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Lana Gatto offers a range of comprehensive and high-quality products that reflect the ideas and the soul of a brand, a contemporary icon who plays the tastes, the needs of fashion and glamor soul.
Art, style, originality and Italian spirit that is combined with the wealth of raw materials.

The purity of colors and fibers that transform the yarn in an exclusive blend of refinement, lightness and natural elegance to make garments soft, warm and timeless.
A delicate combination of more fine fibers for classic collections and fantasy that enhance the authenticity and creativity.

A sublime mix of fine fibers gives a touch of balance and harmony in the classically yarns to celebrate the need for spontaneous beauty, creativity and speaking warmly to those who love creating unique garments in knitting.

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  • Lana Gatto Cashmere Light - 100% Cashmere
    Lana Gatto Cashmere Light - 100% Cashmere
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