STOCKHOLM SWEATER V-NECK Printed Pattern by PetiteKnit
STOCKHOLM SWEATER V-NECK Printed Pattern by PetiteKnit

STOCKHOLM SWEATER V-NECK Printed Pattern by PetiteKnit

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Stockholm Sweater V-neck is knitted from top to bottom in stockinette stitch in double strand silk mohair. First, the upper part of the back is knitted, after which stitches are picked up along the turn-up edge of the back to the shoulders. The shoulders are knitted separately with double pointed needles, so that a wedge is formed. Front and back pieces are joined under the armhole, and the body is knitted in the round on circular needle. Along the arm openings, stitches are picked up for sleeves, which are knitted in the round on double pointed needles or with Magic Loop . Finally, stitches are picked up along the neck opening, where a ribbed edge is knitted with decorative indentations on the right side at the tip of the V-cut and corresponding indentations on the wrong side. This neck edge is folded over at the end and sewn on to the wrong side.

The Stockholm Sweater V-neck is thus assembly-free, with the exception of the neckline's hem.

Make a knitting test to find the needle size that gives the right knitting strength.

Size guide

The Stockholm Sweater V-neck should have a room for movement ( positive ease) of approx. 15 cm in relation to your chest measurement (ie the sweater should be approx. 15 cm larger than you in size). The sizes XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL (4XL) 5XL correspond to chest measurements of approximately 80-85 (85-90) 90-95 (95-100) 100-110 (110-120) 120-130 (130-140) 140-150 cm. Measure yourself before you start knitting to determine which size will fit you best. For example, if you measure 90 cm around the chest (or the widest part of your body), you should knit a size S, which has an excess of 105 cm. This gives you 15 cm of room to move.

Please note that indentations are knitted on the body and that the sweater therefore measures approx. 5 cm less around the hip than around the chest. You can omit these indentations if you do not want the sweater to be narrower at the bottom.

Sizes:  XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL (4XL) 5XL

Overall width of the sweater:  100 (105) 110 (115) 125 (135) 145 (155) 165 cm

Length:  Measured center back incl. bent rib at the neck: 56 (58) 60 (62) 65 (67) 68 (70) 71 cm

Knitting density:  21 stitches x 31 rows in stockinette stitch on needle 4 mm with two strands of silk mohair = 10 x 10 cm

Guide needles:  Circular needle 4 mm and 3.5 mm (80 or 100 cm), circular needle 3 mm (40 cm), double pointed needles 4 mm and 3.5 mm (unless you knit sleeves with Magic Loop )

Materials:  225 (225) 250 (250-275) 275-300 (300) 325 (350) 375 g Silk Mohair from Isager Yarn (25 g = 212 m) or Brushed Lace from Mohair By Canard (25 g = 210 m) or Tilia from Filcolana (25 g = 210) or Kid Seta from Gepard Garn (25 g = 210 m) or Thin Silk Mohair from Sandnes Garn (25 g = 212 m), sewing thread thin elastic for neck edge