Paia - Black Shimmer - 700

Paia - Black Shimmer - 700

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Paia is a gorgeously soft and shimmering yarn with a meterage, that complements our other yarns.
The perfect follower, when you wish to add some glitter and sparkle to your knit. Paia is yet so soft, that you can easily knit with it on its own, as a small effect, or as an entire shimmering project.

Fiber:  67 % viscose, 33 % metallic polyester
Meterage:  245 m/ 25 g
Yarn unit:  Nøgler a 25 g
Wash:  Machine washable. The gentler the yarn is washed, the longer it lasts.


Note! Due to the different ways different computer monitors display colours, we cannot guarantee that the colour of the yarn on your computer monitor actually portrays the true colour of the product.